Gray Lines City Coach Tour, New Orleans

Yesterday morning we took the Super city coach tour which took us through 15 districts, a stop off at the beautiful St. Louis Cemetery then off to City Park, where we got a break and whoa! Cafe du Monde is there and we didn’t have to stand in long lines to get our treat of the trip.

Our lovely guide, Liz, is a tome of information, facts about who came here, the wars fought for control of the area, changes of customs, etc. Fascinating to hear and the homes… cannot believe just how beautiful these homes are. It is a shame they don’t build homes as beautiful as these anymore.

The streets have names from the conquering Spanish, to the French, to the English and are also from slaves that were brought here so long ago. It is a beautiful combination of so many cultures and customs. Of course, this is the place where Jazz came from. Louis Armstrong is the hero here (and mine), as well as many others. They also call this the Hollywood south…movies and television series (especially NCIS New Orleans) are produced here.

Grab a bite to eat and then start walking around the French Quarter. Even in this very warm weather, it is worth every step you take.



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