Steamboat Natchez Cruise, New Orleans

Following our Super City Bus Tour this morning, we also had booked the luncheon cruise following. It is a combined ticket and really worth it. We have taken the dinner cruise twice before and opted for the day cruise where we could see everything along the shoreline and waterway traffic.

The commentator they had on the boat telling us all about the history of the waterways etc. should be taken to task. His most annoying and extremely loud voice was so affected, he sounded like a game show host. We were thankful when the 3 piece band started to play and we didn’t have to listen to him. He really is in love with his voice, trust me.

When we bought the tickets for this days adventure, we were told it was open to purchase lunch, but they don’t tell you you have to go to one end of the boat (bar) buy your ticket and then go back in line to go through the Buffet.

The food was really good, salad of your choice, fish, chicken, red beans and rice, andouille sausage, plain rice, and a wonderful bread pudding with sauce. We shared a meal and for $16.00, it was well worth it.

When you come to New Orleans be sure to take this kind of side trip, alone or in conjunction with another type of adventure. This is why you come here and it would be a shame not to take in the culture, the food and the atmosphere.

Hopefully, we will come back again. You just fall in love with it all.

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