Uber Services, New Orleans

Well for those of you who use this service, forgive me for bragging rights with what I am going to say. We are new at this service.

This is the most wonderful, safe, clean and easy mode of travel ever. We used this two years ago through our son and found it to be great. So when we came here and after waiting a horrible amount of time in extreme heat, Don said ‘enough’. (well, maybe not exactly those words) He found out how to add the app for this service and we have thoroughly enjoyed safe, prompt and polite drivers for the past 4 days.

It is way too bad that Vancouver, B.C. Canada is so afraid of the taxi companies with their dirty cabs, mostly inarticulate and rude drivers that are on on the streets now and not allow the public, who have been wanting Uber to be on the streets, this service,

They can’t be that powerful or is it that the Government officials are afraid of losing the vote in the election if they were to say too bad, Uber is now allowed.

Clint and LaQwandra were two exceptional drivers for us. LaQwandra even brought Don his cellphone late last night, after it had fallen out of his pocket. When he realized he didn’t have it, he called his own cell number, she answered it and the connection was made. That is honesty at its best. And yes, she was rewarded.

Uber is the best mode of transportation and if handled properly through licensing, it is not a problem.


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