Lucky Me

A short 31 years ago, I was lucky enough to meet this man, Don, and 3 years later, I became his wife. So, today, I am going to tell you about this man I have been blessed to live with and for as this is our  Anniversary.

Don has the biggest heart in giving of himself, not only to me, but his family in general. He has a smile and laugh that ‘tickles my heart’ and he still makes my heart skip a beat when he comes into the room. He always has. He also has a wonderful sense of humour and, yes, I can still make him blush.

We have had our struggles, just like everyone else, but have never gone to bed angry, ran home to “mommy” or, in his case, his 4 kids. It was always solved. We have traveled to places I couldn’t have even dreamed of going to leaving me with memories of new sights, new friends and more adventures.

For example, for my birthday just two years ago, he surprised me with a trip to Ireland, where we visited the area my Grandparents came from, or when I was facing serious surgery last year, the night before he gave me the gift of a trip to Maui…for a month. Who wouldn’t take the surgery with a present like that?

We are a blended family…I gained four kids and he gained one. What we didn’t know, after dating for more than a year, is that our kids went to the same high school. Their ages are like 5,4,3,2 and 1 . Mine was in the #3 spot and refers herself as the ‘middle’ one. (listed by years apart only).

Don is an amazing cook. There isn’t anything he can’t cook, bbq, roast or braise that can and does put many restaurants to shame. I only bake but when we ran the Bed and Breakfast for so many years, it was like a symphony in the kitchen. I did all the cleaning, baking, smoothies, desserts (yes, even desserts) and Don would come in and make the entree. Guess who got all the praise. I used to joke and ask if I was chopped liver.

Health issues aside, we both help, aide and support one another.

Lessons to learn: never discuss religion or politics and you will survive. We are both lucky as we have a deep faith that has brought us through so much and we tease each other about cancelling out their vote.

The one rule (if you have any) is no name calling, swearing or putting down allowed. No need to act like a bully with the person you profess to love.

Besides, he owes me 40 years today, it was 40 years yesterday and will be 40 years tomorrow. Love him? With every breath I take so when I say “lucky me”, I mean it.

Lucky, lucky me. I won the lottery on a chance meeting so short years ago.


**Psst….Thank you God. I have been blessed in this life.



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  1. Bonnie

    in a marriage relationship, there are two lucky people. I’m the other and I smile every day. Love you, Don

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