Shin Lim and Colin Cloud

Okay Canada, this is B.C.’s turn to let you be envious of us. After all, you had the Raptors, but we got Shin Lim.

On our return home from New Orleans, we were so very lucky to have tickets for the Shin Lim Performance. This was his ONLY Canadian City performance and he had a show Saturday and Sunday evenings and then had to add a third for Sunday afternoon. Sold out? Oh yeah! This is another Canadian entertainer done good. Real good! Won America’s Got Talent twice. One for the best entertainer in the World, fooled Penn and Teller not once, but twice. More and more awards prove his talent. His hands are like silk and his eyes could melt the Arctic ice cap along with all the thousands of young girls hearts we saw at the show. What and how he works the cards is awesome, truly magical and leaves you with a wonder on the hows and when he makes the cards appear and disappear and this could be heard by the excited voices of people we heard leaving the theater who figured they had all the secrets. Secrets? No. Magical? Absolutely.

But that wasn’t all of it. His stage partner is Colin Cloud. He, also, was on America’s Got Talent. I believe this is where they met and so wisely put this exceptional show together. These two men will  never be without.

Colin uses his mind to completely boggle ours. He uses thought processes that are scary. He makes things disappear and appear in a completely unexpected place. His sense of humor kept everyone laughing and it was so much fun.

This would have to be, for me, one of the very best 2 hours spent in a theater. EVER.

Oh yeah, the way they intertwine in and out of each others act, is wonderful. Usually when they claim there is another act with the ‘star’, it is someone who can’t really sing or whatever, but these two have it down pat.

Love it? Oh yeah.





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