Maui – Day 4ish

I have to say that because day 1 ended up being day 2….

Today was another relaxing day for us. We had a great breakfast and then headed out to my place of peace. Had a chat with Rev. Alika  who is retiring after a long run here and a lady we just met from Texas. She gave me a flower to wear in my hair that she searched the grounds for. Really nice of her actually.

After that we spent a couple of hours at the Wailea Shopping Mall where I was able to treat my hubby to a light coffee break and then went and purchased my new sheets and blanket for our room. I had planned on this for awhile and was lucky today.

After all this (3+ hours) we drove down to check out the Paint and Sip classes. We are taking Trevor to one and Kelly to one. Should be a lot of fun. Thanks for Brian and Flo for even bringing this up.

We went to the Fork and Salad to buy some fresh soup for our lunch and drove home.

Tomorrow we pack up and head to the second place of residence for the next 2 plus weeks. is unsettling to move so quickly but we will do just fine.

Tnight was simple as we had a bacon, tomato andwich and said that’s enough. See you tomorrow.

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