Thursday-Day 5

It did not start out very well. We had to attend a meeting with our timeĀ  share and move out as well. Okay, these two Seniors had two big suitcases, 2 carry-on bags, 8 bags of groceries and stuff to haul down three floors. Of course there was not a cart anywhere to help us. It took us a while and then we stored everything in the locked cupboards here to be picked up later when we move in to the next place .

After going to get blood tests (regular thing) we decided to go towards Lahaina to Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Shop and ordered a mushroom cheese burger (to share) and a Lime tart (to share). YUM! We still had time to waste, so we drove through Lahaina and man oh man has it changed. We were afraid that a certain restaurant was gone (Fleetwood’s) but it is still there. Then we headed back to gather up our belongings and move to the next place.

By the way…driving down the highway with the hair ‘flowing’ in the wind is breathtaking, alternating, of course, with my sun hat. What a ride!

What a husband I have and am so thankful for. This could not have happened without him. Oh yeah and for your info, we were so tired yesterday we were in bed by about 8:30 ish. Okay, we will get better.

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