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Exactly one week ago, my husband was shovelling a little snowfall from the driveway when he slipped and fell on his back. We waited until the next morning to call an ambulance as we thought it was only a few bruises.

Long story short, he has a wedge break on the T3 vertebrae in his lower back and in a ton of pain. We got home via Medi Van  but, as I don’t drive the big van anymore, and especially on the snowy/icy roads here right now, we are basically hooped.

Until…..I called my former boss at Save On Foods in Aldergrove, B.C. asking her if Save On delivered. She said yes and they were very popular. Okay, now understand I am mechanically challenged and after trying and trying to log in, I had to call for help. The young man (David) was so great and never talked down to me at all. I got on and then having to fool around for a bit, I made my order out. When it came time to pay, I spent about 45 minutes trying to find how to pay. After clicking on every inch of the screen, it finally allowed me to pay and book a time.

The young man who delivered the order was a real sweetheart and I didn’t get his name, but so polite, smiling all the while and then off he went.

The order was great with one exception. I thought I ordered a pork tenderloin and got a whole pork loin instead. Never mind says me. Cut it up and we will be fine. We have a beautiful piece for porchetta, and 6 meals of pork chops. It was a bargain.

One word…Save On please make your site a little clearer for people like me and I know I am not alone. The service is awesome and so very welcome for people in situations like us. Also….I used to work for ‘the good guys’ and still, to this day, believe they are the best for quality, selection and employees.


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