Pipeline Protesters

Understand me from the start, I am not prejudiced towards anyone but I am taking exception to the signs being shown on the public roadways and bridges saying we are “ethnic cleansing” rather than the beef at hand which is a pipeline., although approved, is now being taken way out of whack by not everyone who has any say.  Just what do they mean by “ethnic cleansing”? To me, their beef is with all the Chiefs who approved the pipeline and stop holding a city and the two busy ports hostage. What are they accomplishing? They aren’t making any new friends here. We have seen this before when those on the street simply perpetuate anything they feel they can get away with.

Ever since moving here to B.C., thirty years ago, it is getting worse. What happened 100 or 200 years ago can’t be changed and no amount of money can do that. Every culture/nationality has things that should never have happened but we all have to move on. If you live in this beautiful country, then you are CANADIAN not a sub-culture with your own laws, rules.  My husband’s ancestors have been here since the early 1600’s, so he is more Canadian than most. My son-in-law is Metis and very proud of his heritage. Our beautiful granddaughters have been taught their cultural background and they are proud as well. We, as grandparents, are so very proud of them all.

This is one Country that should not become so devisive and mean and nasty. The beatings and bullying and hate and constant lies towards those we do not know or understand where they come from and living through must stop. It breaks my heart when you watch the news or read the newspaper about rapes, beatings, robberies, neglected animals and on and on.

When did our pride of country and self become so screwed up? We all must take a step back, breathe and then try a little more kindness towards another. Please, we are breaking down our own beings.

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  1. Don

    I also object to the defacing of our Canadian Flag and displaying it upside down on an attempt to justify their anger and obtain sympathy.

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