What Is Happening In Our World?

The news has been horrific for about 6 months (years before, but this is about the most recent hate crimes.

We live in a country where, and I am sure it does exist, but has never shown its truly ugly head before. Can you really believe this is what Canada and Canadians are all about? I can’t and I have lived in this country a long time.

Throwing a 90+ year old man out of a building to the ground outside or kicking the leg out from under of an elderly woman with a walker all because they were Asian. Explain please. Did that gentleman do something to you? Or the woman? Or for that matter anyone who happens to be born Asian? Come on people.

This morning on the news…man down East was attacked all because he is a man of colour. Now, I ask you…did he plant his knee on the neck of a man and killed him or one of the other 4 officers who stood there with their thumbs up their bums? NO. Stop it.

We are not in a Country where life stems only on the colour of your skin. Look at their leader. He promotes hatred 24/7. He is a worm without a conscience, a working brain, or a mouth that can only spew crap. We are not that. We can’t be.

Growing up in Calgary, our neighbors were Japanese and told us that during the war they lost all their farmland and were put into camps. That cannot happen again. It breaks my heart to see neighbor turn on neighbor or families split because of thoughtless attitudes.

Stand up Canada and keep our minds clear and use our mouths only to ask if we can do something to help others and our hearts open. We need this and our country needs this.We still must pray for guidance and strenegth.

Also, domestic violence has risen. Sorry, but I went through this crap and can tell you if a man starts beating his spouse and blames the virus isolation, he is a liar. He was beating her before that happened. We don’t need excuses we need to man up and keep moving for a better time and place.


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  1. Don Paquette

    As a Canadian it is so sad to be living by a neighbor that appears to be self-destructing and even worse is their racial prejudice spilling over into our country. I’m not saying that it did not exist here before, but since the present US administration began, it is getting worse.

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