Earl’s Kitchen, Robson Street

While on a hospital visit to St.Paul’s, we had made arrangements to have dinner with two of our daughters. We haven’t seen themĀ  since the beginning of December and were looking forward to it.

We were ushered to a table and then ordered our beverages. The ususal question when it comes to me is: 6 oz. or 9 oz. of wine? I always joke back “what do you think”? I got the wine order, Don and Suzanne their beverages and then Carole ordered hers. Three of the orders came back and then we waited what seemed like an excessively long time and I had assumed, wrongly of course, that the server had forgotten her drink.

We waited for it to arrive so we could toast each other and proceed to order our meal. It finally arrived.

Two of them had ordered steaks and thought they were pretty good, except the seasoning was off. Suzanne ordered the fried chicken ramen and I ordered the gyoza dish. No one told me, nor did the menu state the dish was fire-hot in spice. My tongue and left cheek burned and went numb. This was after I had taken only a nibble of one of them. I hated doing this, but I had to return it to the kitchen. Carole tried it and said it was spicy but then she can handle it. I ordered the lobster and prawn ravioli dish. It was okay but there had not been any salt used on any of our dishes (according to the talk around the table.)

Of course we had to order dessert and chocolate is THE must. So chocolate mousse it is.

We paid the bill and left. When we got back to the hotel, Don asked me if I knew I had consumed a glass of wine that cost $17.25? I nearly flipped out. This was a basic wine, nothing special and this is so wrong.

I know we were told restaurants had raised their prices due to the Covid-19 delays, but please, PLEASE tell your customers this is what happened.

We are not cheap in any way but this was a bit differentfor us.

Return? Ummmm….not really sure.


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