Shame On The “Princess”

How dare the ‘princess’ in Vancouver complain about her sad plight. Let’s see….she lives in extreme comfort – $15 million home, servants, nice warm, comfy bed to sleep in, great meals at her whim, the ability to see and talk with family and guards to watch over her all the time. We also brought family to come over and stay with her.

On the other side of the world they are holding, in retaliation, two Canadians who are placed in two separate jails, meals ???, sleeping on cots, abuse from the guardsĀ  and, until this past week, no contact with family.

She thinks she is hard done by….GROW UP YOUNG LADY. We got hosed into this via MR. t in the south and we allow you all the comforts imaginable. Time to get off your self imposed throne and show some empathy.

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