Cactus Club, Nanaimo, B.C.

On Don’s birthday this year, Kelly and I had planned for weeks for special surprises for him. Firstly, his picture and names of all in the family were on the CTV morning News. Then we were planning on going to Cuckoo Trattoria in Coombs for an early dinner.

In the morning we had gone plant/planter shopping at a couple of places and it wore him out (don’t forget Don broke his back a year+ ago and he has to be really careful). So…the plans for dinner got changed at the last moment and we opted to go to the Cactus Club rather than stay home. (more on that later).

The Cactus Club is and always has been one of our most favourite places to go, but the Covid has made a lot of changes in what we do and where we go without fear of being infected.

We were placed in a ‘pod’ outside on the patio and it was darn chilly but we stayed the course. We ordered beverages and started with potato skins as the appetizer. Then after a while we ordered our dinner and, because we were so darn cold, we ordered another round. HA!

Don ordered a green curry shrimp dish, Kelly ordered her one and only tuna poke and me? If you know me you know it was the butternut squash ravioli. OMG! it was all so special. We were far too cold to wait for dessert so we took it home.

Our server, JOY, is a true server on the stellar level. She introduced herself to us (no one does this), asked what Don had done for his birthday, was attentive throughout, still with a smile and sincere interest in her customers.  The Cactus Club management should make her their trainer of how to serve your customers.

Of course we will return. We love it here.


p.s. the reason we had to go out was because a friend of Kelly had built 3 planters for him and a new base for one of them to stand on and he couldn’t be here when they delivered it. We took his phone away at the restaurant because our security was showing the delivery. HA!

Coombs? We will come out when it is a tad warmer. Far too cold to be on patios right now and we will make sure it will be okay for Don to travel. Thank you for understanding our plight.


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