Cranberry Arms Restaurant, Cedar, B.C.

Yesterday we drove into Cedar to buy a few items at 49th Parallel and on the way home, Don asked me if I wanted to go to Cranberry Arms and share some Fish and Chips. I have mentioned before that we have found these to be the best in Nanaimo and area and I was not about to say no.

It had been closed for awhile, probably due to the length of time we have had the Covid virus drag on, and were delighted to see the Open sign. When we went in, we were greeted by the friendliest gentleman and after showing him the Covid passports, we sat down and we didn’t even hesitate for a second to place our order.

Of course, we had our regular beverage and asked to share a 2 piece Fish and Chips. Well….it came out looking like two individual orders. Each plate had two pieces of fish, chips, and one of the best coleslaws given at any restaurant anywhere. Piping hot and super great fries.

We were told he is the new “owner/manager” (I’m guessing) and I suggested to him that, due to the fact they have a new Chef, they do not change one thing on the Fish and Chip plate. He said they would never change what works. Hurray!

Glad you are Open and we will be back again and again and again.

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