Wishes And Dreams And All In Between

The title is a misnomer because I am a snow-hater having lived where cold, horribly cold temperatures and more snow that you couldn’t believe was still falling took place. Since then we have moved and finally hit the mother lode (we thought).

We were all warned this would be the coldest and roughest winter ever to happen world wide and it is and has been so far. So this  makes it more difficult to go out and about as was normal earlier. It is now going into the third year of the Covid virus taking on the world and growing even faster. That, my friends, takes me to a place I don’t want to be in or continue to talk about. Anti-vaxxers? I just can’t go there anymore. I have ranted for two years and as long as they rush to open the venues for sporting events, it will never go away. They jam them in like they are used to doing and it just goes on and on. So…

Let’s talk about all the  positives and blessings we have in our lives but always having empathy and compassion for those who do not. It isn’t a big deal for me to buy a meal for someone I don’t know or go to McDonald’s and purchase anywhere from 5-8 breakfasts/coffee and drive around and pass them out to those in need. The ‘thank you and God bless you’ from those you are privileged to serve are beyond belief. It isn’t just buying a coffee in the drive thru lane for someone who can afford it, it is caring enough to be privileged to serve someone who can’t.

We are blessed to have all family, alive and well, living in heated homes, having food on the table and jobs to keep all afloat, neighbors who came in a dream (for us) and I wouldn’t want to ever wake up from, and light at the end of this long tunnel we may be emerging from, even trying new recipes and sharing with you.

My Wish and Dream for 2022 would be for you in your daily comings and goings to try something new and even succeeding  with all you take on, keeping your faith strong in all you believe in and may your smiles and contentment keep growing.

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