The Quarterway Pub

Don and I had a date for lunch today and he wanted to go to this Pub to try it out and we were not disappointed. It is a very clean, no a rough looking place and, when we first arrived, I was the only female outside of the servers.

I had already checked out the menu on Facebook before we got there so I knew what I was going to have.

Don wanted to order the Bangers, beef, sausage with mashed potatoes and gravy and beans. We ordered our beverages and chatted while we waited. Jessica, our wonderful server, came rushing out and asked if Don would be willing to wait about 5 minutes until the night Chef arrived. The meal he wanted was from 4:30 p.m. on. He said yes and we continued on. About 6 minutes later Jessica came rushing back out and said he had arrived and would be willing to put up the meal for Don.

When the food arrived, it was sure easy on the eyes and my Quarterway Burger seemed to be a mile high and the fries were really good – hot and crispy on the outside.

Wow! We want to return with Kelly and show her a new place to go to.

Again, it is clean, great servers, and the food is awesome. thanks for not disappointing the elderly set.


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