Easter 2022

First and foremost, Happy Easter to everyone regardless of your religious beliefs, it is a special time for everyone and never to be forgotten. For the kids – it is the Easter Eggs. When we were growing up it always meant new shoes and a new hat to wear to Church on Sunday.

Today, it also means disbelief, grief, hardships unfathomable all due to things like the Covid virus worldwide; war on innocent people who have the strength and fortitude to fight for freedom; those who think that wearing a mask is such a hardship and spoil, for those of us who were proud of our flag, the actual disgraceful flaunting on trucks, cars and then honking their freaking horns…..for what?

We have to feel and give empathy for those in need, and help out wherever and whenever we can. As a whole community we can support many.

We are so blessed with our family, their friends (as in boy friends), cousins and an Aunt and Uncle, and many friends and clients.  Also we have food on the table and a roof over our heads. Sure things are getting a tad more expensive but, with bit of patience, it will all turn around again.

We are so, so lucky to be so blessed in this Country.

Enjoy your day and celebrate as you can.

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