Shallow or Really Stupid?

The world must see Canadians as being extremely shallow. Good grief you have an entire country in a war that was not theirs to start; bombings on hospitals, citizens, apartments, markets, schools, deaths, 3+ millions fleeing what they knew as home, and you are still going on and on about masks and health restrictions. GROW UP and pray to God that it never happens here in this country. Loss of freedom? You haven’t a freaking clue.

Take a good look at this picture below. If you were in Russia you would have been arrested and jailed for 16 years because protesting is not allowed. These people of Ukraine know what loss of freedom really is. May be an image of one or more people, train and railroad
would you trade places with them?  Really? This is NOT 1941 it is March 2022 with the colour removed.

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