Blue Crab Seafood House, Victoria

Wow! This restaurant is definitely a big WOW! When you are first seated you cannot believe the view: The Harbour, float planes, little “putt putt water taxis back and forth and pleasure crafts. It is beyond beautiful.

The menu is beyond belief and, although we weren’t ‘starving’ we did order our usual beverages. Don was served his n.a. beer (he’s my driver, of course) and Craig, our server, brought him one called “Westheimer” I think. He really liked it and was a great change from the norm. I had my glass of white wine and we ordered our food.

Don ordered the crab cakes (they are huge) and I ordered the one piece Cod Fish and chips. Oh my! The fish was, yup, you guessed it, huge. Two pieces would have fed a family of four possibly.

We ordered our world favourite dessert, Creme Brulee and it came with two spoons. Imagine that! This flavour was slightly different from the usual but oh so delicious. The custard had a lemon flavour. Okay, so we almost licked it clean.

Back to our server Craig. So professional and so prompt with any request we had. It also was a treat to watch the servers assist one another in bringing out the dinners. It saved making two or maybe three trips (depending on the numbers of guests at the table).

We paid our tab and asked the front desk to please order us a taxi when a gentleman said I’ll take you. This fella worked at the Hotel and just drove us back to where we were staying. We gave him a donation (he did not wish to be paid).  Now this is service with a friendly smile and is a real benefit to the travelling tourist.

We will be staying here the next time we travel to Victoria. When you come, be sure to dine at the Blue Crab Seafood House. You will love it.

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