Royal Scot Hotel & Suites, Victoria

We are slowly coming out of a two-plus year Covid pandemic and it is time the hospitality sector quit complaining, raising prices or have less than stellar accommodations offered to the unsuspecting guests.

Case in point:  We booked this Hotel for one night prior to a hospital visit. This hotel offered a Dining room, suites and is out of the downtown area, it sounded pretty good. We just wanted a quiet time.

We arrived after the 4 p.m. check-in time and asked about the Dining room. We were told they were closed, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday but open the rest of the week. Don said but this is Sunday. Her answer: oh, we closed at 2 p.m. but we will give you a coupon for dinner at a Hotel close by. It was a Hotel we would never have checked into in the first place.

Never mind,  we will just go up to our room. Now here is where it is weird. They have a kitchen table (old and abused) and a couple of chairs. The chairs are so low the table came up to my chest when I sat down. The cupboard supplies are more than laughable. The one good thing was an actual coffee pot where drip coffee was available. The use of coffee pods is more expensive but most Hotels now used them.

Now the living room. On the south wall was a double bed, and a very large side table (from another planet). These two items took up all the space on the wall and on the north wall was the sofa facing the bed. On the one end of the sofa was the matching huge side table. On the west wall were two sofa chairs with a lamp in front of the windows. In the corner was a huge cupboard housing the t. v. inside. It could not be moved so you have to sit on the bed to watch the t. v.

The bed was not made properly. The blanket (light weight nothing) that did not fit the bed and a sheet. The very unclean cover was folded up and laid across the base of the bed. I say this as the top edge was black from many months or even years being used since it had been cleaned.

Into the next room – no door and no full wall between the two areas. Again a double bed, and made with the same quality as the first. The bathroom is attached to this area. The room is so small or laid out the wrong way that you could not get out to use the bathroom because it was so close to the wall.

Note: I got a concussion a few years ago, with the same set up. Getting out of bed to assist my husband and I fell into the cupboard and fell face first on the cement floor. No room to walk out.

You couldn’t properly open the window in the living room as the screen was bent out of shape and had a gaping hole which would/could let the bugs in.

I called down to speak to a Manager and I was told, we don’t have Managers here. I only wanted to ask if we could change the position of the bed and sofa but, alas, no one could do anything.

I will say one thing though….after 31 years marriage it was the first time we could not share the same bed (not including hospital times). Not funny!

There was not one piece of paper in the room to inform the traveller what, where and how to find ANYTHING in Victoria. Don’t give me the gears about Covid didn’t allow it. Each guest should get this when they arrive to take up to the room. Also, make sure you update your media material saying you have closed the restaurant obviously because you don’t care.

Please hire me to come and help your staff set things up, and also train the front desk staff how to treat the paying guests who enter. We operated a Bed and Breakfast for about 15 -16 years.  It would take about a week. Let me know.

We would never return. You lost a good client.


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