Upside Down Society

What is happening? This is something we hear more and more people asking of themselves and of others, seeking some kind of answer. I don’t think there is one.

We have, long ago, let the kids run the family home and life, not having to be responsible for their behavior and actions. It seems they only have eyes for their electronic devices, just like the kids. Parents no longer know where their young teens are or what they are doing. Who are their friends? Do you have contact numbers of them?

Respect? What is that? Manners? Not known to them. I have not been so shocked as I was this past week when we heard on the news that a gang of girls beat up on another girl. Not just a one-on-one encounter but a swarming. Is this what your mother taught you? Fighting?

Hundreds of teens gathering in a beautiful tourist attraction city to do damage to property, harass seniors, beat them, rob them. Back in the day, my Dad would have put the fear into us if we were even the slightest bit disrespectful.

Nanaimo is no different. You can’t walk downtown anymore without being hounded for money, and if you don’t have any to offer, get cussed or worse. They only work in groups (or gangs) because thugs can’t operate on their own. That would take guts.

Beating and robbing seniors takes a real hero, don’t you agree? I mean, businesses are begging for help now that restrictions are lighter, but that would make them actually work for a living. I mean anyone who, living on the street, begging and being drugged out of their minds, can afford the $20/pack of cigarettes, doesn’t need to work.

The Police can’t be blamed for not raising your kids, but you do blame them. Parents today have to grow a pair and make the rules stick or the chaos will only get worse.  If they won’t listen or don’t think they have to, then make them get a job (part-time if in school) and pay a little rent so they will learn that life is not a free ride. Faith? Is there anyone who still teaches this to their kids? Sunday dinners together at the dinner table, not in front of the television. Conversations taking place?

Good grief! This has become a nightmare and what are you doing about it? Tsk Tsk? That won’t help.


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