Montana’s In Nanaimo

I wanted to treat Don and Kelly to dinner at Montana’s after the movie was over. I did this because they both love ribs…I thought. Kelly arrived first and got a table. On a long weekend, it was first come, first in.

We arrived and ordered our beverages and ordered dinner. Kelly ordered a steak and Don ordered the Brisket Burger (can you believe that?) and I ordered the Buttermilk Chicken dinner (that is the only meal I have ever had here).

We had a small problem with the air conditioning and three tables kept asking if it could be turned down. People started putting on jackets just to eat their meals, it was that cold.

When the meals came, Kelly’s steak was cooked to well done, not the medium rare as ordered. Don’s burger was almost laughable. It was two very small and thin slices of meat in a huge bun. When ordering we all assumed it would be looking like a pulled pork sandwich does. Shredded meat piled up. NOT! My meal? Perfect as I remembered it. For dessert, I ordered the Churros with 3 forks. They were delicious and none were left.

Our server, Grace, was delightful. Smiling, professional and she is a real asset to Montana’s.

Note: The last couple of times we did eat here, Don ordered steak. One of those times, it was returned 3 times before he could even try to eat it. They remove the steak from the plate and return it. In the meantime, his meal was stone cold. I guess, for us, if you don’t order the ribs, don’t order at all.

Sorry Montana’s, we can’t again and won’t again. Your Chefs need to know just how to cook a simple steak and make your sandwiches look worthy of the $18.99 charge, and we don’t want to eat a hot meal in an igloo.



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