The Nail Lounge, Nanaimo

Yesterday I went for my second visit to The Nail Lounge fully thinking I would be getting the same technician as before. Well, what took place was beyond amazing for me.

The young lady working on my nails has been in our Country for about one month. She is from the Ukraine, having escaped their horrific situation. This lady can do your nails beautifully BUT it must be terribly difficult to sit at a job for 8 hours and not understand the language being spoken or able to communicate with your clientele.

The other technicians have a translation/computer thingy that they can type in your question show her and she can answer back at them.

I admire a business who is able to aide and assist a refugee coming here. I was so moved hearing her story and gladĀ  that she was here and safe, I started an ugly cry but was glad I was wearing a mask and quit before everyone must have thought me a little off the wall.

I love The Nail Lounge and I hope after reading the two reviews I have done now on this establishment, you will give them a call and book your time.

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