Black Rabbit Kitchen, Nanaimo

Due to a power outage at a restaurant we had reservati0ns for but was cancelled moments before leaving to go there, Don said he wanted to try this new establishment.

They have been open only 2 months and, truthfully, may have a few things to learn. When they opened their door (5 p.m.) we were the only people in the place and the young lady at the front asked if we had reservations. We replied no and she said it would take a moment to prepare a table. All the tables were empty and set. Then said she would find one for us.

After being seated we were introduced  to Ashleigh (Manager/Owner). She explained they were here from Toronto and having worked in and around Nanaimo, she and her husband (Ryan-Chef) opened this up.

I asked for my favourite wine and, like all restaurants we have visited in Nanaimo, they did not have. Our server suggested a white wine and brought our drinks to the table. I tried it and could not consume it. My daughter Kelly tried it and liked it although she doesn’t like wine very much. Ashleigh offered for me to taste another wine. She brought it and, although I didn’t really like it but not wanting to sound ungrateful, I said it was fine. I had to wait until our food came out before I could continue with it. They have what looks like an extensive Wine list, but none from the more notable wineries. The one I tried from Victoria was too sharp for me. Don ordered a Iota Pale Ale (NA beer) and really liked it. Kelly eventually ordered an Coors Light.

I will say, they make the best hamburger around. Up there with what Don makes and I kid you not. The fries are next to what we had in Belgium with one exception. They were so over salted it burned your mouth. The best thing: they bring containers that have both ketchup and mayo.

Kelly ordered her Steak Frites. Loved the fries, but not so much the steak. Said it had no flavour.

Don ordered the Pot Au Feu. Roughly translated as a stew. I wish we had taken pictures. The broth was without any flavour and very, very thin. This should have been reduced by half. The ingredients normally used to make this broth were totally missing. The meat was a small 3 oz. or less cut of beef, which should have been braised in the broth but was instead a small quickly grilled steak added to the broth, and had 3 beans and 3 pieces of asparagus.

For dessert we ordered….can you guess? Of course it was Creme Brulee.

We finished it and paid our bill. What I find truly unusual was being charged $3.00 to taste the wine we returned as a “covering cost”.

I would try it again in a bit but it would be for the burger.

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