Gabriel’s Gourmet Cafe, Nanaimo

This was called “Best of Nanaimo #1 and I am in total disbelief. At lunch time, there was 7 people eating and we made it 9. You have to pick up a menu, look it over, go to the desk, pay for it and then find a place to sit. Okay.

Don and I have travelled extensively in the U.S.A., Europe, and Canada and I have been able to order anything on their menus without a problem, except for here. This is far from gourmet.

We finally agreed on their Eggs Benny, as there was not another thing on this menu that I could or would eat. After a lengthy wait, it came out. The pan fried potatoes were mostly burnt and on the ‘old’ side but lots of them. The eggs were hard to see and this is why. The English muffins never saw a grill or toaster, they were soggy and very slimy in texture. This was due to the fact they were covered with chopped tomatoes and lettuce. The eggs had some sauce on them but were totally covered with green onions and were cold. I guess they ran out of avocado as it was awol.

The server asked how we loved their food and we told her it was cold. She did offer to re-do the eggs but we were so turned off with the offering, we declined. Even Don felt the same and, believe me, he can eat almost anything.

This was, by the way, $47.00 of total disappointment.

There is not a single item on the menu that is not covered with chipotle sauces, harissa, green onions, cilantro, kimchi, gochujang mayo. Will we return? Not ever.


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