Montana’s BBQ and Bar, Nanaimo

My computer was down last week so bear with me…..

I took my bestest hubby for lunch and blew out the name of Montana’s. We quit going a few years back due to food that was really wrong and service and decor was wanting.

When we arrived, I commented on the change up in the decor and it is true to the brand of Montana’s.  We ordered a beverage and then waited quite a while for it to come as they were busy with only 3 girls on the floor. When they came, we ordered our meal. Don ordered the Beef Rib Texas Bold and I ordered the Buttermilk chicken (this is what I have aways ordered) and today it was perfect. Don loved his meal as well.

The one problem was the pads on the seats. They are worn out, lumpy, and peeling leather. So uncomfortable and also unsanitary in a restaurant like this. I had to move 3 times and finally they put us in a booth where the pad was new. What a difference.

Our server, Krista was so pleasant and professional. We will be back again. This was a real treat this time.


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