Cactus Club – Nanaimo

I know, I’m always reviewing them. But Whoa!  Here is another reason.

The three of us were there last night to celebrate our Easter Dinner together. The last couple of times, they were out of my favourite wine and it was joke with Logan, their top  Manager, and myself if it wasn’t there again he was in big trouble. When we arrived, Logan comes over, takes the menus from the server at the door, and says “your wine is waiting….then we were chatting and he says he knows my order, type of wine and their famous ravioli with prawns. The only dish I have.

Then one of the prettiest and nicest, by far, servers, Jessie-Ann was with us. Her smile is so special I think she could melt an iceberg and her professionalism is on top. She has been with the Company for about 7+  years

Yup! Love, love, love this restaurant. When you go, you will too!

p.s. Se you next week Logan.

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