Father’s Day 2024

I know I am not alone if I don’t have a father sitting at our dinner table, but it is still tough when Father’s Day comes around. Twenty-fours years have gone by since we even said “I love you” to each other and I am ever so thankful we have a special bank for memories.

In my family now, Don is a great Dad to his four children and an awesome ‘step’-Dad to my daughter.  They all get along so well and it is amazing to watch the pecking order when they all get together. If you are in a blended family, you will know and understand what I just said.

I am glad my parents raised me as they did (although not always when growing up, to be honest) and happier still that, due to my own circumstances, I was able to raise my daughter in the same manner.

To those still so fortunate to have your fathers with you, be thankful and give them a special hug and tell them you love them. These moments you will always remember. To those who are apart, take the honourable step and phone him this weekend and just say you were thinking of him and hope all is well.

You just never know when that is taken away from you as we are not given an advance announcement unless, of course, illness is a factor. If the latter is the case, make the effort to go and see him, if only to say goodbye. You won’t regret it.

Pop, we all miss you and remember with a smile, your laughter, singing and especially when the Irish in you showed up.

Love you . This is your special Father’s Day card just for you.

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