Renewal By Anderson, Part 2

On January 31,  I posted just how wonderful this company and their staff were in coming out to explain their product. It has taken awhile for the windows to come in but, again, let me tell you just how wonderful this all was.

Yesterday we knew they were coming out with the windows and, looking up at the clock, it was 7:55 am and I thought they would be phoning to give us the usual 3 hour time when they thought they would be here, as does every other company. Well, at 8:00 am they had unpacked their truck, rang the doorbell and asked if we could move our car from the carport for all the equipment they had to set out.

They came in, did a walk about to see the windows to be replaced, then laid down a long runner from front door right up to the window in the dining room. They laid down more tarps on the floor to cover any spaces around the windows being replaced. Don’s office was another sticky situation. They did really well here. Now they covered any and all items with huge plastic sheets so there is no dust or damage allowed.

I told them I had freshly baked muffins, cookies and  coffee for them when they wanted to take a break and he said ‘later’. The windows in the dining room had to be original. It literally took hours to remove them, and all the crap that held in the windows, showed that the framing was not level. The sawing required to cut everything out would scare anyone. The same went for Don’s office windows.

Again, I reminded them about the ‘coffee break’ and again, I was told when the windows were installed, but thank you. This was about 11:00 a.m.

The Installation Manager, Rob Godfrey, showed up to see how it was all going. We chatted for a few moments, then he was gone. He told us we had two very good workers and there was nothing to be concerned about if we even were.

They worked straight through, leaving at 3:45 p.m., going to another job and they were late getting to them. They never took a break, but checked and double checked everything they did. They vacuumed everywhere, picked up every speck of debris and when done, they did a walk through with Don, explaining what had been done and believe me people, Renewal by Anderson live up to their advertisements, they are so professional and pleasant to have in your home and they leave it spotless.

Just for your information, one gentleman spoke English and the other did not. I think, and I hope I have my accents right, but sounded Ukrainian. That being said, more kudos to Anderson for quickly hiring someone who is so qualified to be working here, and starting a new life. Also, where I  get my manicures, they hired a young lady just arrived from the Ukraine (about 2 years ago or so). She was a teacher there and did nails as a hobby. This young lady did them better than most other technicians in other shops I had tried. She also went to English classes every morning and has done extremely well.

We highly recommend Renewal by Anderson.


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