Yum Yum Pizza and Bistro – Oliver

What a pleasant surprise. We are on the finishing process of our lower level and I told Don I wou ld treat him for lunch.  He could pick where.  He did. We had never been to this establishment before.  I said okay but it had to be clean, if nothing else.


We opened the door and it not only was super clean, it was colourful too.  It has a bit of confusing decor.  There are Mexican and Italian elements to the dining room, then on the ceiling are Chinese lanterns. 


We sat down and a charming young lady came and took our order.  We decided to share a pizza…..no onions and we asked for the House Classic on a thin crust.


Our pizza had: green peppers, pepperoni, ground beef, chopped tomatoes, mushrooms, shrimp, black olives and ham and lots of cheese.  Holy !!!!! It was terrific.


When our server came out and asked how it was…we told her it was  fantastic. She jumped with joy and was so happy.She told us it was only her third day on the job and boy was she happy she made us good one. I was negligent  and forgot to ask her name.  She was vibrant and cute and really trying to please.


Would we go back or order take out? Absolutely. Price for a medium pizza and two pepsi was only $$.

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