Meeka’s Kitchen, Osoyoos, B.C. After a quick trip for gas and groceries in the U.S. this morning, we dropped in at Meeka’s Kitchen for lunch. The reason being “You Gotta Eat Here” had been there and I wanted to see if he was right. I know, I know…..

Well, he was. This restaurant, although small in size, has to be one of the cleanest restaurants around. In a word: spotless. Now as in other  blogs, I talk about washrooms. Well, off I go to check it out. OMG you could eat off the floor it is so clean and doesn’t smell like a bleach factory.

On to the food…..I do not eat onions so I was sort of out of luck. I ordered the beef barley soup which came with warm Naan-like bread drizzled with garlic butter. The soup was thick, the meat all but melted in your mouth and it was perfect.

Don ordered the Falafel Platter. This came with 5-6 falafel “balls” on a bed of the fluffiest rice ever, salad, spicy tomato sauce and some humus. Now, here is a secret…I have never, ever tried it, but I did. I then ordered a side order of them. Darn they were good. Don said it was the best he has ever had and he has eaten them all across Canada and anywhere else he can find them.

About the rice….light as angel wings but had “ridges” on them, thinner than normal rice. The sign reads this is a taste of Persia, so maybe this is a special rice from there.

The owners, are really down to earth nice, and again I sound like a broken record, smiles abound and they looked like they just stepped  out of the shower, all clean and spic and span. I am impressed and yes we will go back.

The menu has many different platters: Beef, Chicken. Falafel; salads: House, Caesar, Greek and Chef; Appetizers are Humus and Pita, Tzatziki and pita or Chicken soup. Desserts and drinks fill it out. Awesome…be sure to go and tell them you read it here.

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