IHOP Restaurant, Kelowna, B.C.

This morning we stopped here for a “quick” breakfast. Well, once I saw the menu I was sold. Let me tell you first that, when we were in Abbotsford, our experience was so negative, we refused to go back.

Again, think second chances and in we went. I ordered a “cinne-stack”. This was four pancakes, filled between the layers with a cinnamon-cream cheese icing and topped with whipped cream. Okay, so it wasn’t Weight Watchers, but it was tasty. Sweet, too sweet, but tasty. I couldn’t eat half of it. Besides, it was far too much for one plate. They should be either smaller pancakes or perhaps, just two.

Don ordered the Seniors double-double. This consisted of two eggs, two bacon or two sausages and hashbrown and two slices of toast. It was good and although our waitress forgot that he ordered 1 bacon and 1 sausage, she did remedy that the moment she found out.

Connie was our server and was not inexperienced. She was good at her job, asked all the right questions and was quick to fix anything that might have gone amiss.

Price $$
Would we go back? Yes, but I would stick with what I love best…..waffles.

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