Cora’s Restaurant-Kelowna.

Last year I wrote about how terrible the food was at this establishment. Everyone I spoke to in Alberta thought I was crazy and that, in Alberta, it was always so fabulous.

We were in Kelowna today and drove passed, not once but three different times, while on errands. Well, guess what? I don’t lie when I blog and it is now closed. You cannot consistently serve terrible food and try to pass it off as something terrific while charging high prices.

I hate to see businesses close down but this is not surprising.


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  1. Pam


    I am the owner of Cora Kelowna and while you may have not loved your first and only experience, we are very proud of the experience and food we provide as one of the most popular locations in Kelowna and in the entire Cora network of over 135 restaurants.

    You should know that we are not out of business but were in fact closed because of a tragic fire in the plaza that destroyed 5 businesses and put over 60 people out of work.

    We will reopen in Fall 2013 to a bigger location to meet the demand from
    our guests whose most common complaint is the long line to get a seat.

    You may also enjoy researching Cora as her story and concept are
    inspiring and she is truly one of the most successful Canadian women.

    While we regret you did not enjoy your experience, we trust, as your Albertan friends and the tens of thousands of guests we have served have experienced, you are likely to find something fabulous to suit your tastes and budget.

    We welcome you to try us again when we re-open.

    Please google Cora Kelowna fire to get your facts correct so you can in fact tell the truth versus spreading malicious rumor.

    Pam MacPhee
    Owner – Cora Kelowna

  2. admin

    I am delighted to hear from you
    Pam. When I received a comment from your Head Office, they said they were delighted to seem my comments. I then had to ask them if they actually read it. Sorry about the fire, but I truly hope your cook knows what an omelet is and just what a crepe should be like. On that note, we will try it again. One can only hope.

  3. Pam

    Thanks for the post/correction. As you can imagine as a business owner, losing your livelihood and those of our staff to something that was no fault of our own is devastating. They tore the building down this week and we are getting ramped up for a fresh start in Fall.

    With regard to our cooks, we prepare 1000 eggs/day on a weekend and have some of the best cooks in the business. While they are required to adhere to the Cora recipes (including the un-spun crepe you trie which we’re happy to spin for you), be assured they are top performers whom work very hard delivering a fabulous experience.

    When you return, please introduce yourself. I would love the opportunity to give you the background of our Cora history and let you experience some of the wow we are celebrated for.

    Wishing you a sunny day!


  4. Iris Hickey

    I had breakfast at Coras yesterday morning. Went in seated by Hostess not very busy we were told server would be right with us. We sat for at least 10 min. No one came cught the hostess attention and she went looking for a server. She finally came took our orders I ordered milk and my daughter coffee the meal finally came ño milk and no toast for my daughter had to ask twice for jets up and jam. The food was not good some of the potatoes were half cooked and the bacon was very thin and did not taste good. Will never eat there again. Bad service bad food


  5. I have eaten at Cora’s many times and have never had a bad experience. The food has always been very good and the service very fast except when they are extremely busy which is understandable then.Whenever anyone suggests going out for breakfast Cora’s is always my number 1 choice.

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