13 More Sleeps

Well, now I have to admit some people will think I am a little twisted but the bed in the guest room is covered with “should I or should I not” take this in my suitcase. I keep reminding myself that we will be shopping as we  travel but……

The tickets are in hand and that is the main thing. It also caused the heart to beat just a little faster. Now I am not a ‘country bumpkin’ by any means and I have travelled some but nothing like this.

Plans for friends to come and stay in our home, looking after everything we have, making sure the bills are looked after, itineries given to family. I have started some baking to put in the freezer for Daryl to eat. 

Am I excited? HAH…just a little. I am soooooo composed. NOT!

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  1. Kelly

    Looking forward to hearing about your trip and seeing the journey in pictures!!

    Have a GREAT time

    xo Kel

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