Almost there…..Almost

I think that getting ready for a vacation is just as hard as moving….your house that is. Just kidding!

This week, for us, is filled with last minute Doctor appointments, Chiropractic visit, hair cuts, manicure and pedicure (after all the toes must look good, right?).

Yesterday I made a list of the clothes I am taking…mix and match etc. I am okay there. Cutting back on the shampoos/rinses, soaps. I like my brand and the Hotels use the “whatever” brand. But I will cut back…honest.

This morning I am cleaning out the refrigerator. I mean really….when you have a guest coming to stay while we are away, the fridge must be clean.

Yesterday, I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies (for when he has company) as well as a pecan cake.

The wine fridge is filled….what am I forgetting? oh yeah, Don.

HAH! He still has to pack. He says it will be 15 minutes. Listen up people, he will be away from home forĀ 6-7 weeks. What would you think? It took me weeks to plan, pack, unpack, replan and give it a go again. What’s with that?

Soon….almost….breathe, Bonnie, breathe…..


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  1. Don

    LOL…you’re to funny!!

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