Pastime Bar and Grill, Oroville, Washington

We were in the States yesterday to get some gas and a few groceries and, on a word from our friend Ed, decided to go here for lunch.

WOW! Oliver should be so lucky to have a restaurant like this one.

It is large, clean, great set up and a wonderful menu. The Chef and service staff really seem to appreciate what they have. The inside walls are a beautiful brick, the backdrop to the bar is a fabulous dark wood. The tables are simple  and tastefully done and the chairs are comfortable.

Don ordered the baby back ribs that came with fiery spicy cold sweet potatoes and what looked like pork belly and chard. For us (just an opinion), if the potatoes were hot in temperature it would not have been such a shock.. His comment was that the ribs should be slow cooked until they fall off the bone. These were tough, chewy and three of the ribs were burnt black.  A little fine tweeking in the kitchen and they have a wonderful winner. (I liked the sauce).

I ordered the black ling cod po’ boy. Wow, it is huge but really sloppy to try to eat. All I can say is more napkins please or wrap it in paper.

We loved this…the ambience is fabulous and, as we sat here eating our lunch, it was getting filled up with customers. I hope it succeeds.

We tried to figure out the menu concept and came up with a “southern” feel.

Go give it a try!

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