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We had a fabulous drive On day 1. We drove as far as Valemont  and stayed in a very clean motel. We were suggested to go to an ‘upscale’ restaurant called the Caribou Grill.

When we arrived, the parking lot was pretty full (always a good sign) and went in. The special of the evening was a chicken breast with a sherry white cream sauce, served over a bed of noodles, soup or salad. Don ordered the shrimp kabob with rice, vegetables and he ordered the soup. We waited a considerable about of time and watched as one waitress was texting and another was on the phone at the front desk on a very long personal call.

A family of 4 behind us was sampling a couple of the dishes and were making faces. Another couple was waiting for their order to be taken and when the server finally finished texting, she came and took their order.

Our order came – no soup or salad ever showed up and the meals were both cold. Mine was returned to be heated and in 2 seconds she came back out. The bottom of the plate was hot and it still was cold. The sherry used was a dessert sherry -far too sweet for the chicken dish. The vegetables were both  overcooked and cold.

As we were leaving, we overheard the family of 4 saying that the food was terrible and they would not be returning. Neither will we.

Next morning we headed to Jasper for breakfast.The view on the Yellowhead is  much prettier and so completely unspoiled, compared to the southern route. God knew what he was doing when he made the views. The colour of the water in the lakes and river is gorgeous  and the mountains make one feel so small in comparison.

Later in the afternoon we arrived at our destination.

We will spend a few days here with family visits and then off to Belgium to see …..oh yeah ….one daughter/niece and stores. Sparkly stores, eat some chocolate, try the frites and, of course, the beer. Later!




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