Red Lobster Restaurant, Edmonton, AB

After a family wedding in EdmontonĀ and starting to head to Calgary, we stopped in at the Red Lobster Restaurant . We don’t have one of these in all of B.C so we never miss an opportunity to head into one.

Don, Kelly and I quickly ordered our beverages and we decided to share an appetizer so we ordered the “sampler”. It consisted of 4 fabulous lobster stuffed mushrooms, popcorn shrimp and 4 coconut shrimp with a coconut and pineapple sauce. Need I say…to die for

Kelly ordered the side of crab legsĀ  and dove in when they came. Don ordered a cup of clam chowder and shrimp skewers. He said it was pretty awesome and I ordered the lobster pizza. OMG!

We all played the game of sharsies….what else could we do?


If you ever get the chance in Edmonton or Calgary, run, don’t walk to the nearest Red Lobster establishment.





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