Madrid – Hotel Gran Melia Fenix

We are staying here for two nights, so are thrilled with the quality of the Hotel and staff. Everything is impeccable and staff are quiet, professional with mile wide smiles.

The elevator is basically a 2-person ride but you can fit in 3 (closely). The carpets in the hallways are so thick, it is difficult to pull your hand luggage on wheels.

The rooms are so beautiful in décor you are happy to be here. In the morning (7 a.m.) we meet our new friends for a sumptuous breakfast.

Already on the tables are individual coffee pots, creamers with warm milk, just waiting for you. By the way, coffee is delicious.

Trays of fresh pineapple, kiwi, strawberries, papaya, star fruit, melon are at the beginning of your trip around the bounty. Cold cuts of all descriptions, cheeses – again so delicious for the eyes to take in. Cold cereals, toppings of different nuts, coconut, and some I didn’t know.

Breads, rolls, churros, toast, about 8 different desserts. Jams, jellies, mayo, ketchup all in little glass jars, sealed for your use. Turn around to the hot table and there is bacon, steamed vegetables, scrambled eggs (okay, just scoop the top layer and they are good (Canadian fashion).

Lucky us, we get to return tomorrow.

After our tour this afternoon we went to the Lounge and ordered a beer for Don and I ordered a Mojito. They come with a small bowl of chips and a trio bowl of cashews, wasabi pine nuts and lovely little crackers that taste like shortbread. After that, we decided to order a tapa style lunch. Two different croquettes, olives on picks with cheese and tomato and a tiny ham (jambon) and cheese sandwich with hot peppers. Wow! We couldn’t eat it all.

After all, we now have to think about our dinner coming up in a few hours.

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  1. Kelly

    Sounds great! Any chance you can add pictures of each hotel & pics of the food you are describing as you go?

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