Pappa’s Firehall Bistro, Oliver, B.C.

Today was a day to go out for lunch. Why ? Just ‘cuz. We went into a restaurant we had not visited for a very long time and that was due to such bad food offered to the customer as well as being told we couldn’t go in because they were too busy and, believe me, it was half empty.

It was quiet and perhaps that is due to the bad reputation this establishment carried for such a long time. Our server, Sara, was a ray of sunshine. She was quick to come to the table, leave us menus and allowing us time to glance over the new menu.

We decided to split our order of a chicken sandwich with fries and I ordered a coffee. In a few minutes the order arrived and the sandwich was chock full of roasted chicken breast that had grill marks on it and tasted absolutely wonderful. The bun was fresh and soft.

Now the fries . Ah, yes the fries. We have not tasted fries like that since we were in Belgium 3 years ago. Crispy on the outside, soft and yummy on the inside. OMG! The only thing they needed was a small sprinkle of salt.

Sharing our lunch was perfect, portion wise and I would definitely recommend this establishment to anyone reading this review.

In the parking lot, we ran into friends of ours and raved about the food and they agreed. A new Chef has begun to bring the customers back, two at a time. Keep it up and we will return.


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  1. Don..the husband

    They are definitely taking a step in the right direction. The fries are what got me! Yum.

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