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I usually send out a Christmas letter letting one and all know what we have done. I hesitated so long in doing this, I did not write one. We were extremely lucky this year and let me tell you about it.

Believe me, I am not bragging when I continue on. What Don and I accomplished took a lot of planning (13 months in advance) and a ton of saving.

In January we went to Maui – stayed two weeks in our time-share and 2 weeks we rented an apartment on the beach. Don’s sister and new groom stayed with us the first two weeks.

In April, son Maurice and wife Anne stopped by for a bit and Kelly had her hip replacement surgery. A week later I went out to spend some time with her. She amazed me with her strength and fortitude. She recovered well and continues to heal. Also to St. Paul’s Hospital for Don six month visit.

In June the boys were here to golf with Dad on Father’s Day weekend and lo and behold, Kelly came too! This really was a win-win situation.

In July, we headed to Vancouver to fly to Spain. Travelled through Spain, Portugal and then carried on to the South of France. Loved it, met and travelled with some fabulous people.

September, life-long friends came to visit; met our new neighbor and lady friend and we also volunteered for the FOG celebrations here for the wine festival. We also found out that Don would need to have his defibrillator replaced within 3 months as it was wearing out. I tease him about the ‘ever ready’ battery of his. My cousin and her husband were devastated with the death of their only child (Eric – 33 years old). Eric’s wife, Megan would deliver their baby about 2 weeks after this. Nothing can make an entire family feel so lost and hopeless as this loss. A new friend of ours, also named Don, passed away. He was waiting for a pacemaker.

In early November Don had his surgery and all is well for another 7 years. Lucky me. Lucky him. Thank you God.

In December, we learned by accident, that a very dear friend of ours from years ago, had passed away a couple of months before and on the same day, Don discovered that a dear friend of his (again years ago) had passed away earlier this month. There – that is three and that is enough.

We have had our ups and downs for sure this year. We are truly blessed with everything we have, have lost and have found. Our grandchildren fill us with pride for all they are accomplishing and experiencing. The new friends are a treasure and the old ones are a blessing for sure. So, with this note to you all, A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS. May 2016 bring all your dreams to fruition and good health abound. Blessings to you all.


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