Terrafina Restaurant, Oliver, B.C.

After a quiet, but lovely Christmas, I thought it would be nice to treat my husband to brunch at Terrafina Restaurant. This is a lovely spot that is part of Hester Creek Winery. Also, after I had hurt my back and was unable to shovel snow, our neighbour, bless his heart, came over and shovelled snow for two weeks, every day. (This was the most now we have seen in five years). I invited him and his lovely wife and good friend, to join us as our treat.

The reservations were made in good time. Three seatings for the day and it would have been standing room only if they had allowed it. This was wonderful to see; supporting a wonderful dining experience. It was Buffet style and it was truly delicious.

Fruit platters, cheeses, charcuterie plates, pickles and olives, scrambled eggs, lovely smoked bacon, two kinds of eggs benedict (one with a smoked white fish) and another was Tuscan style (and very delicious). This one had a green tomato jam on the English muffin. Home style fries, sausages, tiny scones: one with cheese, another with rosemary and lavender, and a plain one. These were light and delightful. Pizza slices were also there (two kinds).

Not to be leaving hungary or anything, for dessert they had individual Tiramasu, jellies, truffles. Wines, specialty drinks and, of course, coffee/tea.

This was a great way to start the New Year and we will be back for Valentine’s. This is not to be missed as well. I love this establishment, I really do.


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  1. Brenda

    Happy New Year Bonnie and Don! Mike and I love Terrafina as well and enjoyed their brunch for Mother’s Day a couple of years ago. We as well adore Hester Creek, their staff and impeccable service. After all, that is where we met years ago at one of Roger’s culinary extravaganzas. Wishing you and Don a healthy and happy 2016.
    Brenda and Mike

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