Delta Grand Okanagan Hotel

Well this is one review I hate making because with a little ‘pick me up’ it just might be grand once again. It is old and very tired.

Our room was the barest of the bare. In that I mean they had a miniscule bottle each of shampoo, conditioner and lotion. That was it. No mending kit (which I needed), no frills and the towels….I did not need to remove the skin off my old body to show that I was alive. They were dreadful. However to be fair…Don said he like a rough towel. So there you go.

Now to the room itself. One chair (do hotels not know that usually two people to a room? ) and this bugs me. If you wish to watch the television – one sits in almost comfort (hard as nails) and the other is a desk chair. Hurray! Then, of course, you might opt to try and sit on the bed to watch the television.

The sheets are so starched and stiff that every time you move a foot or try to turn over, you rustle and wake up. Crackling linens are not a fashion statement. In fact, there was so much starch in the linens I thought they had bed bugs as I was itching all over. I did check in the morning just to be sure. I have been through that scenario once before in Europe but that is another story.

This hotel is about 20 old and the steam heat they used then is not conducive to a proper night’s sleep. It sounded like a freight train coming through the room every ten minutes . Loud, annoying and just not right. Don even tried to turn it completely off.

When we checked in we were given options for parking: valet or public. When we chose the valet, the comment was good choice as the valet parking is safer. Now that makes me think we really picked a good hotel and this area of the City was ‘safe’.

I think they need to ‘freshen’ this room up and make their clients feel welcome and wanting to return. I am not one of them. They only have to make it nice…nothing elaborate just nice.

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