Garden Works, Penticton, B.C.

Wow! What a difference a year can make. We went there yesterday to pick up a gift for my neighbor and walked away with nothing. Don picked up a very small frog on a lily pad – Cost was $25.00 and change. We were looking for a plant or flowers to go with it. The cheapest hanging plant was $34.95. yeah I can see the Seniors flocking here to purchase their plants.

Don’t get me wrong, we used to spend more than $700.00 each year to fill 10 planters on our deck. Not this year!

We used to be in their programme and when I gave the cashier our phone number, she tell us we are not there. Don asked why and she replied, we are now a new company and do you want to hear the conditions now to join this new programme? The answer was no.

I had looked at a picture I would have loved to purchase and couldn’t find a price. I asked a staff member and she looked it all over, and said “oh, no price”. Duh! Then said to me that the lady who would price this was not in today and would I leave my phone number so when she does return to work she would call me with the price? The answer was no thank you.

We don’t live in Penticton and if they are this lax then they won’t be here too long. Bring back Art Knapp and the staff (who were always polite AND HELPFUL).

Seniors do not have a bucket full of money to spend on a few plants or pots. The huge price increases are silly.

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