The Sonora Room Restaurant

On Father’s Day, when my husband returned home from his annual golf weekend with his two sons and 14 others, we were off to celebrate Father’s Day in  style.

We went to the Sonora Room Restaurant (part of the Burrowing Owl Estate Winery) for dinner. We were greeted by a young man with a big smile who actually asked questions to engage in a welcoming conversation as he seated us at a window table. Our server comes over with a wonderful presence to offer us a beverage, or water (still or bubbly) and leaves the menus for us to peruse.

I ordered my glass of wine and Don ordered a Beck’s. I asked our server (who had the most delightful accent) where she came from and she told us and that she spoke Swedish. Then, she says to us, you were here last year for Father’s Day and you sat over there (pointing across the room). Now, this is a memory!

Don ordered the Clams Vesusius. This consisted of steamed outlandish Manila clams, black garlic, cherry tomatoes and chilies. The bowl was piled high and, yes he did, he consumed it all. He said it was great.  I ordered the pan seared Scallops. Oh my, this was with paprika and honey bacon, spinach, apple butter and apple chips. They were the large scallops, perfectly cooked and absolutely delicious.

Now for the main course.  Don ordered the Firehall Stout marinated pork loin. It came with an Apricot chili sauce, braised greens, and pearl barley. The pork was cooked to perfection and the plate was pretty clean when he finished. I ordered the roasted game hen and was definitely not disappointed. It came with roasted yams (cut and piled up like a handful of poker chips,  sweet chili marinated tomatoes and jus roti. Believe me, there was nothing left. During this slow dining time, I ordered another glass of wine.

Our delightful server comes over and offers Dessert. Did we refuse? Not! Don and I both ordered the same one. Napolean with a fine point strawberry, hazelnut puff pastry, crème fraiche mousse, basil and white chocolate ice cream and we each had a cup of coffee. Wow!

This was truly worth it. It was the only winery restaurant in the Valley that had a menu of great variety. Some were serving pretty basic – same menu as ever and I was looking for something a little different. This is one restaurant that, with a new Chef, has made the food really awesome. Make your reservation and enjoy.

Friendly note to Manager – when new menu is printed up, the word is cherry not chery. Just sayin’.


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