The Bear’s Den, Penticton, B.C.

As we were heading for Vancouver the other morning (Thursday), we always eat breakfast on the way. We decided not to go to McDonald’s in Penticton as well as A & W and headed off to Denny’s.

As we were driving into the parking lot, six bikers drove up and I, like so many others said, let’s hurry and get in line before that group. Also, a few more cars pulled in at the same time. When we got to the door, there was a sign saying they would re-open at 8:00. That was scratched off to read 8:30 and that was crossed off to read 9:00. They had tried so often to write over the previous number, it was hard to decipher.

Then the ‘group of 6’ started cracking jokes about one fella having bacon. I retorted, jokingly, that they were out of bacon. He replied ‘do you want to give me a heart attack’?¬† We all laughed and I told him he and my daughter were of the same cloth. As this was going on a gentleman walked by and said go to the restaurant across the street. Great food there!

We chided each other, saying we could get there first. Not so, of course, but when we arrived one of the gentlemen held the door open for me and said something nice. In we went.

The restaurant, called the Bear’s Den is part of a motel and was not prepared for the onslaught of customers so early in the morning. People just kept coming in. One waitress for one side of the restaurant and one waitress for the other side (divided room by a wall). All orders taken and we overheard the one fella order extra bacon. He left to go to the washroom and when he returned we told him they had just run out of bacon. Now, this was funny!

A couple came in and sat down and all the while she kept looking around the room, especially at the bikers. Suddenly, she got up and they left. Too bad, these guys were very funny, polite and from Fort St. John.

The food arrived; Don ordered his usual eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast and I ordered a traditional waffle (my usual) and because it was so busy it took a few minutes longer in waiting. The server was prompt, polite and did an awesome job looking after everyone in our section. Our food came out and it was hot, fresh and damn delicious. When we were paying I poked my head around the corner to the other side and on the wall were awards from 2006 (I think) to 2016 for the BEST breakfast in Penticton. The one year they missed out was 2009.

All the food that came out of the kitchen was piping hot, looking mighty awesome and generous in portion size. The coffee was endless and it was great.

To anyone reading this, go here and eat breakfast. Denny’s – you snoozed and you lost, regardless of the excuses you can use. The food here was great and boy, of boy, did you ever lose a ton of money for being closed.

The Bear’s Den gained more than just dollars. They gained a few more customers as well.

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