2 Chefs Affair

After Church this morning, my husband says we are going for breakfast at this new restaurant (for us) called 2 Chefs Affair. When we parked the car and went in, I was surprised….it holds a counter with seats at the street window and about 12 tables in the restaurant. They have 4 people in the open kitchen, and it was busy.

We sat down at one of the tables and the young man sitting at the next table just raved about the food. He said everything was good here. Well (says I) the proof is in the food in front of us. It is noisy when it is full of customers but once you settle in it is much better and not as noticeable.

I ordered the raspberry waffle and Don ordered the eggs benny. Okay, here is a surprise – Never, ever have I finished a whole waffle. I was wanting to lick my plate it was that good. The waffle batter was amazingly light, perfectly cooked and the raspberry and REAL whipped cream. OMG!

Don has only ever eaten 1 egg of a 2 egg Benny and leaves all the potatoes. Not so fast my friends. When I looked at him, he had a smile from ear to ear and there was not even a hint of a potato left on that plate.  He cleaned it up – all of it.

Our server, Kieran (sorry if I misspelled your name) is very lively and also very good. He told him we would be coming back and he said he was going to hold us to it. Okay….we will see you next Sunday. Thanks for the treat.

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