Zougla Restaurant, Nanaimo

Yesterday, due to the fact it was the last of tax season for Don, I treated him to a lovely dinner in a restaurant we drive by every day but have never tried before. It is a Greek Restaurant and was it ever first class.

We were greeted at the door by a lovely gentleman and seated by a window. When we first arrived, we were almost the only ones there but within minutes, it was pretty full.

The menu is awesome and you really had to look it over, not once but several times, to make a decision. Our server took our drink order and asked if we had made a decision. We decided to share the  Sambuca Shrimp and, of course, I requested no onions on the top. We were dipping our bread into the sauce. Sumptuous! Our girl, Gabby, was so attentive from that moment with whatever we were ordering and, believe me, it is appreciated.

Don ordered that Lamb Chops with rice and vegetables with the tiniest potatoes ever and I had the Chicken Cordon Bleu with a baked potato and vegetables. The sauce was incredible on my dish and we both almost licked the plate.

Do you think we are done? Not a chance. Don ordered the Baklava with a sauce. I ordered something called the Chocolate Eruption Cheesecake.  Oh my, oh my. The chocolate eruption is a mile high and so, so, so delicious. It really should be shared by two as it is huge. All in all, this restaurant is one great treat.

What is so unique with this establishment is that all the servers (young women) help each other out without being asked. It was like watching a ballet in motion. All served so smoothly, efficiently and professionally assisting each other.

When we were leaving we chatted with the gentleman at the front. He was the owner and his two sons worked their second restaurant. This restaurant has been operating for more than 20 years. It is spotless with beautiful snow white tablecloths, candles lit the moment you are seated and a calm ambience. Okay, this is my new ‘date night’ establishment to go to. The prices are less than one of the big burger joints in town. Gotta love that.

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