Joe Fortes Seafood and Chop House

A week ago while in Vancouver, we had the opportunity to enjoy a dinner with daughter Suzanne and family. We came to this establishment as Suzanne and Victor had been before and really like it.

The staff are amazing..attentive but not over-bearing and our server, Vincent was on top of his game. We all ordered a beverage and appies to share. The crab and corn fritters were soooo tasty and Don and Jade loved the oysters.

I think the majority of the table ordered the seafood linguine, and Don ordered the Halibut. Everyone loved their meal and would go back in a heartbeat.

At the end of the meal there was a tiny bottle of hot sauce sitting there. (it probably held 3 drops) and Sydney was hoping to keep it (it was used) but had been removed from the table. Another server came over and told Don there was more where that came from and brought two of them. Sydney took one and of course, Granddad took the other. Dessert was chocolate with a lot of spoons.

Thank you Suzanne and family for such a wonderful treat and being able to see you all again.

Yes, we all took care with masks and sanitizers as did the staff at the restaurant.

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