A Travesty In My Own Country

Forgive me for venting as I am more than distressed with the news of yesterday’s so-called “Freedom Convoy”. Tell me please, what did Terry Fox have to do with this? Why was he desecrated? You must really think you are heroes for this.

Urinating on the Memorial Monument? Please….this represents a recognition for the lives lost so that you can have FREEDOM. That shows what your mentality is…nothing more than lets make fools of ourselves and show the world just how ignorant we really are. The worst of it all? Is dancing on the coffin of the unknown soldier. You stupid people. Oh, and stealing food from the homeless people? Yup, you really make true Canadians proud. That last sentence is dripping with sarcasm.

The past year has taken us, as a Country, down the road of “WTF?” You prey on Seniors for their money, you kick and beat persons of a different race or culture. You tear down statues that have nothing whatsoever to do with the Covid restrictions that are common sense (something you all seem to lack) you have the mindset of a mob and that is all it is.

Don’t like the rules of protecting everyone to bring the Covid virus way, way down, then get the heck out of this Country.

I am a Senior and proud of it and all my life, Canada has been known as  Peace Keepers around the world and you with your cheap and tawdry antics have left us looking like another Country not really named here.

Three quarters of the protesting nut jobs have nothing whatsoever to do with the truckers. Even their organizations are against what is taking  place.

If you believe in anything I have written here, please pass it on.  I just cannot comprehend the thinking and antics that are occurring.

God please keep us safe and calmer during these horrific hours.


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  1. Dollard J Paquette

    Democracy gives us the right to demonstrate. Whether we disagree or not, it’s a “right”. It DOES NOT give us the right to desecrate, damage, deface or any damaging act. These demonstarators who initiate such actions should be brought to task. That is what my country does for me, That is FREEDOM.

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